Saturday, August 19, 2017

“Tomfoolery” Is Fingerlickin’ Fun at North Coast Repertory.

Sarah Errington, Andrew Barnicle, Lance Arthur Smith and Christine Hewitt
 “I hold your hand in mine dear, I press it to my lips. /I take a healthy bite from your dainty fingertips/ My joy would be complete dear/If you were only here/ But I still keep your hand /As a precious souvenir” And that’s jus a sample of 1950’s 60’s satirist Tom Lehrer. 

Tom Lehrer is 89 as of this writing. But in the 50’s and 60’s when I was a student in Boston and he a teacher at Harvard, “Fight Fiercely Harvard”  (that’s haaavad), where he was teaching math and making his mark writing limericks, and as a musical satirist, poking fun at anything and everyone that caught his eye and was ripe to be exposed, my friends and I relished in repeating his music.   
L. to R. Lance Arthur Smith, Sarah Errington, Andrew Barnicle and Chrisrine Hewitt (kneeling) 
 If you have a chance to see, in living color, a fine example of his satire, his sharp political acumen and how relevant his then observations of that time period and how eerily they compare to todays, take yourself up Solana Beach. It’s a find and a fun filled if not eye opening look into the politics of the 1950/60’s.  

Director Kathy Brombacher and her talented cast of four, Andrew Barnicle, Sarah Errington, Christine Hewitt and Lance Arthur Smith sing dance and charm their way through an evening of Lehrer’s most recognizable tunes/ satirical observations and political realities.

Tim McNight and Steve Withers are credited for musical direction and Jill Gorrie with choreography. The show was adapted by Cameron Mitchell and Robin Ray and played off Broadway in 1981.

There is a bit of narration, some costume (Elsa Bonzoni) and props (Andrea Gutierrez) that add a tad of humor to the numbers (Sombrero and serape  “Old Mexico”) Boy Scout scarves (“Be Prepared”), muskets (“The Hunting Song”) you get the picture.

Lance Arthue Smith, Sarah Errington, Christine Hewitt and Andrew Barnicle
Most of the titles are a dead giveaway: “Feeding The Pigeons in the Park” with Barnicle and Hewitt, “Bright College Days”, “National Brotherhood Week”, Company, “New Math”, “The Elements”, Sarah outdoes herself on this one, “My Home Town” Lance, “She’s My Girl” “The Old Dope Peddler”, “The Vatican Rag” and on and on.

There are about 25 songs and if you are inclined to compare his wit and cynicism to anyone you might know today (not counting late night comedians) that would be a find, ‘cause he’s in a class all his own.  It’s a good pick for weekend day or night entertainment.

See you at the theatre.

Dates: Through Aug. 27th
Organization: North Coast Repertory Theatre
Phone: 858.481.1055
Production Type: Musical Review
Where: 987 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Ticket Prices: $40.00

Photo: Aaron Rumley

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